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Your Water Solution Partner
Your Water Solutions Partner

Chemical Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nkonyeni Precast, a 100% Swati company based in Sidvokodvo. Chemical Solutions joined the group in 2020.

Chemical Solutions is a supplier of specialty chemicals that are used in the water treatment industry (Potable Water Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling System Treatment and Effluent Treatment), textile/carpet industry (adhesives) and surface coating industry (paints). 

We also supply equipment and services to these industries. We currently have clients in the Sugar, Forestry, Food and Beverage industries. Chemical Solutions delivers customer value by improving water systems performance, reducing water costs and extending equipment life.

We focus on understanding the customer sites in order to identify customer needs in all spheres of the plant processes, and not in just those pertaining to water chemistry. We take pride in being part of our customers cost savings drive and process improvements as well as reducing any effects on the environment – be it reduction in waste volumes or water savings.

Our supply of chemicals and equipment is backed up by an experienced on-site service and support from our Chemical Engineer. With experienced field staff and technical backing from our partners, Blue Reef and Watericon. Chemical Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide the chemicals, equipment and expert services you deserve locally.

Chemical Solutions has the advantage of a strong financial and technical backing from its holding company, NPC, which has over 10 years of experience and a reputation of quality products and service delivery in Eswatini.

Your Water Solution Partner